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Morning Minis Continuing Education
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor



Pain-Free Trigger Point Release AND PNF!

Saturday March 2, 2019


6 CE


Let’s learn both of these incredibly helpful skills in one 6-hour class!

Knowing how to release trigger points and do PNF stretches is a win-win venture for both you and your client.


Here’s how our day together will look: Three hours of locating and releasing some of the most common trigger points.  Next, a leisurely lunch, and then three hours of mastering the five most effective PNF stretches that clients love most! 


I teach these methods in a way that is gentle and respectful to your client, and extremely helpful to you too!  


March 2, 2019


BodyMechanics School of Massage in Olympia

6 CE  $215



TRP and PNF- $215 - Per Person

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