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Morning Minis Continuing Education
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor
A New Bodymind Bridge MINI class!

Mindful Massage

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What is Mindful Massage?

Mindful Massage is

a conscious collaboration with your client that shows them how to bring their full awareness into their body during their massage, so they can experience the connection of their body with their deeper Creative Divine Mind and with their Spirit.


What are the Advantages of Mindful Massage?

1. Includes your clients in their own healing journey as you work with them and not “on” them!

2. Any stress held in the physiology is reduced and/or released.

3. Clients become empowered to use their new body awareness to consciously and purposefully relieve their own pain and discomfort.
In this class you will:

1. Learn about the mind body connection!

2. Learn how to guide your client into a mindful state of full body awareness.

3. Learn how to be in a relaxed meditative state as you work with your client as opposed to "on" your client.

4. Practice giving a full body mindful massage!

5. Receive a full body mindful massage!


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