Morning Minis Continuing Education
Morning Minis Continuing Education
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor

An Introduction to The BodyMind Bridge System of Self-Healing

Sunday March 31, 2019

Location: Bodymechanics School of Massage in Vancouver, WA

6 CE $205

This Breakthrough Work is

Body-Centered, Spirit-Centered and Egalitarian!


 In this introductory class, I will teach you basic skills to guide your client to access vital information stored in their deeper bodymind so they can then effectively change and influence their own chronic pain or self-defeating behaviors at the cellular level. BodyMind Bridge fosters a profound sense of connection of body and mind.  When we know how to deeply listen to our physical brilliance, we are able to transform and release  physical, emotional, and/or behavorial symptoms.  


 BodyMind Bridge is a synthesis of all levels of mind, resulting in a higher level of consciousness that allows us to make our own internal changes that shift physical and emotional symptoms!


Massage therapists, nurses, doctors, and mental health therapists are discovering how the BodyMind Bridge System is changing the way they work with their clients.  


  Shuna Morelli MS, LMT  MS #00021562   

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March 31, 2019
BodyMechanics School of Massage

Vancouver WA

Intro to BMB- $205 - Per Person

Intro to BMB- $205 - Per Person

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