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Morning Minis Continuing Education
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor
Morning Minis Continuing Education Shuna Morelli Instructor

The BodyMind BridgeTM System

Certification Course

Any health care professional who wants to fundamentally change how you assist your clients to heal will want to learn more about this incredible work.  BodyMind Bridge is Body Centered, and Spirit Centered.

This is a healing system that uses your connective touch and skilled guidance to help your client to unite awareness of their physical body with the power of their creative mind. This opens access to the deep wisdom held in the tissues of the body, and accelerates healing.

The profound information your client receives from their deeper mind during a BodyMind Bridge session often leads to relief of chronic pain and to the release of old habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.

Next class begins January 13, 2018
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If you want to shift gears in your current practice and learn how to work with the body mind connection, enroll now in the upcoming BodyMind Bridge Certification Program! There is a limit of 6 people.

Become a Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner

Click HERE to learn more about this Nationally Recognized Certification Course.

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